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Our artisanal pizzas are all about authentic Italian flavours, so go ahead and get any of your favourite pizza toppings on top of a deep-dish crust pie!


You’ll find plenty of American influences on our super juicy Burgers. Order now and get the absolute best American Burgers that are sure to satisfy any palate.


Enjoy a variety of richly flavoured pasta cooked in the traditional Italian way. Our creamy Pasta Bolognese will have you dreaming of spaghetti all night long!


If you're looking for a delicious and hot pizza right out of the oven, look no further than our stuffed crust pizzas, topped with the freshest local ingredients!


Our succulent kebabs are primed and marinated in a specially blended seasoning and sauce. Order and catch perfection in every bite!


Bring your family together with a traditional Indian Curry. It's so delicious, and it will taste as good as if you were eating it in India itself!

Mexican Dishes

It's time to get your Mexican on! From flavourful Vegetable Fajitas to traditional Chicken Cajun, we've got all your Mexican food needs covered. tasty and full of goodness!

Special Indian Curries

Enjoy one of our special Indian curries made by our talented chefs in house, which are irresistibly tasty and full of goodness!


You've been craving a freshly-made pizza? Try one of our gooey inside and cheese topped pizzas with a specially selected base to suit your taste buds.

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Simply Four in One Derful fastfood & indian takeaway Quality


Simply Four in One Derful is committed to providing you with the highest quality food experience possible, and we work hard to ensure that it is always fresh and delicious.

Simply Four in One Derful fastfood & indian takeaway Delivery


Fast and timely delivery is just a tap away. You can always count on us for a fresh delivery. Just place your order online and get your spice fix with just a few taps.

Simply Four in One Derful fastfood & indian takeaway Taste


Our expert chefs are proud to bring the best flavours of the world alive, and you can taste the difference. All of our hearty meals deliver an explosion of taste with every bite.

About Us

Simply Four in One Derful

When it comes to certain culinary adventures, the diversity in Simply Four in One Derful is mind-blowing. It has almost every type of cuisine imaginable, including an abundance of authentic Indian, Italian, American and Mexican dishes.

Bring your appetite for the big flavours and enjoy our super rich Indian curries, extra juicy American Burgers, mega rich Italian Pasta dishes and traditional Mexican Chicken Fajitas with an unmistakable crisp-charred outer layer.

Currently, there are three branches of Simply Four in One Derful in Bathgate, Bo'ness and Grangemouth with continued plans for expansion. Have a true taste of our food at either of our branches.

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